We Have A New Blog!

November 4, 2013


Hey there, you found our old blog site! We have since moved over to imspgh.wordpress.com, so head over there to keep in touch.


The IMS Team


A look into Twitter

July 5, 2011

Hello again! We’ve been very busy at Insight Marketing Solutions this summer! With our new site, updated services and of course, the beautiful weather, the team at IMS has been busy, but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about our blog! After a long weekend of endless picnics, barbeques, fireworks and tweets, wait a minute…tweets? Yes, you heard right, tweets. If you use Twitter, then I am sure that most of you received the endless updates of “Happy 4th” or “Picnic with the fam” or “Fireworks” throughout the weekend.

And that is one of the problems with Twitter. Naysayers are still dismissing it as a platform for people to self-promote or post updates about every detail of their lives – in 140 characters or less of course, but no one can deny that it’s growing.  Twitter recently announced that 200 million tweets are posted a day, which is up from 65 million tweets one year ago.

Think about it, 200 million tweets per day. Twitter compares it to this, “Assuming the average tweet is 25 words, that means that ‘every day, the world writes the equivalent of a 10 million-page book’ or 8,163 copies of Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel War and Peace’.”  Twitter has also shown its international reach with tweets and trending topics about Libya, Egypt’s revolution and of course the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

So whether you just use Twitter to hear an up-to-the-minute account of your friend, co-worker or family member’s life, or if you use it for more valuable information. With close to 500,000 new accounts open a day, there is no denying that Twitter is a powerful social media tool.  To learn how IMS can utilize Twitter to help your company, please visit us at www.imspgh.com and follow us on Twitter at: IMSPGH.




It’s a new day, and we have a new site!

May 27, 2011

Happy Friday! As everyone prepares for a long Memorial Day weekend (it’s supposed to be sunny too!), we are happy to announce that we have a newly updated website! At Insight Marketing Solutions, we are always trying to find new and innovative ways to effectively market and promote our clients’ products and services.

Event generation is a key component in advertising and promotion, which is why we have Wellness Innovations, a branch of Insight Marketing Solutions, dedicated to event planning, coordination and implementation.  Our updated site also goes into more detail about our other 3 services including: web design, social media and print advertising. We wanted to get a little more in-depth, so our potential and current clients could better understand what we do and why it works!

So over this long weekend, after you’ve filled up on hot dogs and hamburgers (or any other picnic food you enjoy), we would love it if you could head on over to our site and check it out! We’ve been working hard, and we are committed to continually updating our services to fit our clients’ needs. Oh and if you haven’t already, become a fan of Insight Marketing Solutions on Facebook! We are starting an “insight of the day”, where we will highlight some of our favorite, most popular or interesting things happening in the marketing industry. You won’t want to miss out! So enjoy your long weekend and that sunshine!



Did You Know…

May 6, 2011

Did you know that Insight Marketing Solutions has 3 different branches to our company? Yes, that’s right THREE!

Wellness Innovations believes in helping employees and customers achieve health and wellness through our FREE wellness events! We have worked with many different corporations and local businesses, and we are dedicated to helping people reach an optimal health through: health fairs, screenings, lecture series, lunch and learns and so much more! To learn about Wellness Innovations, visit: www.wellnesseventsnow.com and check out our Wellness Innovations blog.

Lifestyle Innovations believes in healthy living, and it is the new standard for online weight-loss programs.  The program integrates individualized food, nutrition and fitness plans designed by registered dietitians, personal trainers and clinical nutritionists. Lifestyle Innovations provides people with the most comprehensive and innovative tools to lose weight and keep it off.  ]

SoMO is the newest addition to the Insight Marketing Solutions family. SoMO believes in socializing, mobilizing and optimizing businesses to help reach a target audience and drive in more business. SoMO specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses from all different industries. We’re known for our abilities, creativity and enthusiasm.  Our knowledge and experience from search engine optimization to daily deals sets us apart from the competition. We offer a full range of services to meet our clients needs and exceed their expectations.  To learn more about our upcoming social media classes, visit our SoMO blog.

To learn more about Insight Marketing Solutions, visit: www.imspgh.com


25 Lucky Facebook Fans…

May 6, 2011

25 Lucky Facebook Fans will win a gift card to 1 of 4 restaurants! You must be fan by May 11! Visit: http://ow.ly/4OmmP for more information.


Do You Need New Patients?

April 27, 2011

Here is a little bit of background on Insight Marketing Solutions.  We believe in custom marketing plans and strategic implementation, which works to set our clients on the road to continual growth and profitability.  We’ve built our reputation on developing and implementing the most effective and proven marketing strategies. We combine fusion marketing, social media marketing, joint ventures, guerilla marketing and so much more to deliver results.

Ok so enough about us.  You need new patients, well as you’ve read, we have experience helping physicians grow their practices and attract new patients. So here are 5 top ways, we’ve found, to get new patients.

1. Wellness Events: We believe wellness events are an important key in advertising your practice throughout the community. Screenings, lectures and health fairs are a great way to promote your practice and attract new patients.

2. Websites & Social Media: It is so important to have a web and social media presence. Websites are an essential marketing tool for any practice, and social media is just as important! Social media allows you to interact, engage and build relationships with current and prospective patients.

3. Medical Referrals: We believe in the importance of  building relationships with other practitioners throughout the community. Medical referrals create a win-win situation throughout the medical community.

4. Online Marketing: Online marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to reach a targeted audience.

5. Contact Insight Marketing Solutions: IMS provides these services, and so many more, to help you attract new patients and generate a steady stream of revenue. Visit www.imspgh.com to learn more!

If you’re not a fan of our Facebook page, go there now and like us today! We will be writing weekly tips on each of these topics, and we will go more in depth on our blog, so make sure to check back often!



The Importance of Websites

April 8, 2011

Photo courtesy of: freedigitalphotos.net

Websites are an essential tool for a successful practice. They work to build your brand, expand your reach and provide valuable information on your services 24 hours a day. Websites need to be engaging and informational in order to attract and generate new patients. Insight Marketing Solutions has a team of designers and content writers that have the skills and expertise to build engaging websites for your practice.

Our company provides a turn-key marketing solution for medical practitioners. Understanding the changing landscape of the medical industry has positioned Insight Marketing Solutions as a leader in medical marketing.

Insight Marketing Solutions is pleased to offer our clients affordable and customizable packages to effectively advertise and market for their practice, expand their reach and generate new patients! If you would like to learn more about Insight Marketing Solutions, please visit: www.imspgh.com.